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Online Inventory Manager

Online Inventory Manager
License: MIT License
  • OIM homepage showing the tables created by AppGini
  • OIM transactions table view
  • OIM detail view of transactions table
  • Table view of batches table
  • Detail view of batches table
  • Table view of items table
  • Detail view of items table
  • Item balance report
  • Filtering items below re-order level
  • OIM project as shown in AppGini
Online Inventory Manager (OIM) is a simple online inventory management application. This application offers you insight on your inventory activity and keeps historical records of every single transaction. It helps you track the inventory levels to avoid overstocks and outages. It’s easy to use, and makes you become more productive. Organize your inventory data, see where exactly each item is stored, all related actions and the most updated balance. OIM was created using AppGini. So you can easily customize it to add/remove details or any extra functionality to fit your own requirements. OIM is a responsive web-based application that you can access from your PC, tablet, mobile or any other device.
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What's new?

Latest version: OIM version 3.0 released, released on December 29, 2016
  • Updated to AppGini 5.60.
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