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Using lookup fields in calculations

If you wish to add calculations to fields, when BOTH of these fields are lookups (foreign keys), your code should be similar to this one:

$field1 = sqlValue("select field1 from parent_table1 where id='{$data['field1']}'");
$field2 = sqlValue("select field2 from parent_table2 where id='{$data['field2']}'");
$data['result'] = $field1 * $field2;

You should of course change field and table names above to match your table structure.

Step by step: hosting your AppGini application on Bluehost

Bluehost is a widely-used website hosting service that offers a friendly interface and good technical support at a reasonable price. Due to its popularity, we've wrote this detailed page describing step-by-step how to publish your AppGini-generated web application there.

Download free open source web applications

All the applications listed here are MIT-licensed free open source web applications generated by AppGini. You can easily customize them by editing the source code, or by editing the accompanying project files in AppGini (both the trial and full version of AppGini can be used).

Install AppGini on Ubuntu Linux

Mac users heads up! You can follow very similar steps to install AppGini on MacOS using PlayOnMac :)

1- Install "PlayOnLinux" from the Ubuntu Software Center

Creating an auto-updating balance field

In the Online Inventory Management application, the items table has a balance column (see the screenshot below) that keeps track of the current inventory balance for each item. It gets updated automatically whenever a transaction is made. Outgoing transactions decrease the item balance, while incoming transaction increase it.

Installing a local testing environment (xampp)

You can test your AppGini-generated web applications on a local machine before deploying them online. To do so, you need to install a web server, MySQL, and PHP. Of course, installing and configuring all of these programs is a lot of headache. Fortunately, there is an easier way: download and install Xampp, a single download that takes care of all the necessary work in one shot.

Note: All of the above tools are free and open source software.

Limiting user input to pre-defined options in AppGini

Some data fields in your application might allow users to select among only a limited set of options. We can set up fields this way using "option lists" ... Let's see how AppGini makes this possible in a few simple steps.

Video tour: Changing your application theme

In this screencast, we'll learn how to change the application theme. As of AppGini 5.20, you can choose a Bootstrap 3 based theme for your generated application. AppGini comes with 12 themes. All of them are responsive, meaning that they automatically look great on any screen size.

Video tour: Adding a file upload field

This is a screencast that will show you how to create fields to upload documents (or other files) in your AppGini application.

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