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Online Clinic Management System

Online Clinic Management System
License: MIT License
Requires PHP and MySQL
  • OCMS homepage showing the tables created by AppGini
  • OCMS patient table view
  • OCMS detail view of the patients table
  • Patient appointments table showing the details of his/her last visit.
  • Medical records child table, showing one of the patients documents.
  • Diseases table view
  • OCMS Calendar
  • OCMS Reports Page
  • OCMS Reports Popup Window
Online Clinic Management System (OCMS) is a web application that allows you to manage your clinic. This application offers you insight on your clinic activity and keeps historical records of every single patient, all his visits and related prescriptions. The patients info you can store include tobacco usage, alcohol intake, surgical and obstetric history and genetic diseases. It’s easy to use, and makes you become more organized and accordingly, more productive.

OCMS was created using AppGini. So you can easily customize it to add/remove details or any extra functionality to fit your own requirements. OCMS is a responsive web-based application that you can access from your PC, tablet, mobile or any other device.

What's new?

Latest version: OCMS version 2.21, released on June 12, 2017
  • OCMS 2.21, generated using AppGini 5.62
    • Minor bug fixes and Enhancements
  • OCMS 2.2, generated using AppGini 5.62
    • Implemented PHPMailer as the mail function for apps, with SMTP support configurable in admin settings;
    • Included hooks/__global.php in admin area;
    • Added new hook in __global.php, sendmail_handler() for intercepting mail sending operations;
    • Fixed PHP 7.1 compatibility issue;
    • Fixed preg_replace calls with /e modifier;
    • Added validation checks to make sure undefined data formats are properly handled;
    • Fixed XSS vulnerability in quick search responsibly reported by Netsparker;
    • Added hooks/README.html;
    • Fixed error with line breaks in emails sent from the admin area;
    • Bug fix with sorting of formatted lookup fields;
    • Bug fix for array_map warning when a record is selected in a table with a non-numeric PK.;
  • OCMS 2.1, generated using AppGini 5.61
    • Improved detail view loading performance by preloading lookup values;
    • Bug fixed: Redirects don't work correctly if a non-standard port is used;
    • Configurable detail view template in DataList so that it can be set in hooks;
    • Fixed sorting behavior of lookup fields containing numeric data in table view;
    • Fixed a bug with anonymous users unable to directly access tables that they are allowed to view;
    • Fixed bug with error reporting behavior of unique fields