Screen cast: What's new in AppGini 5.30

A quick overview of the new features in AppGini 5.30, including:

1. Time pickers for time fields.

2. "Rebuild fields" admin utility for fixing your database schema.

3. Selecting multiple records and performing a batch action on them.

Video transcript

00:07 This is a quick overview of the new features in AppGini 5.30.

00:13 1. Time Picker

Time fields can now be edited using a time picker. Let's see how: in this project, we'll add a new field and give it a name containing the word “time”. In our case we’ll name it “start time”. As you notice, the field data type will automatically change to “time”.

00:32 Now we’ll check the field in the browser. This is how the time picker shows in the “start time” field, allowing you to choose the exact time you wish to enter. You can also easily change the time format to 24 hours from the localization settings in AppGini.

01:04 2. Rebuilding fields

01:06 This feature lists all the fields in your application tables, checks each field and suggest corrective actions for fields with deviation.

01:13 Click on “admin area”, then “utilities” and choose “rebuild fields”. Here you are! For each field, you can see the field properties as designed in AppGini, and to the right of it the actual field properties in the database.

01:28 If they are not the same, you can see a button to fix the field to match the design you specified in AppGini, or to create it if it's missing from the database. All you need to do now is to click the button to fix the deviation.

01:41 Now the application field matches the database field and the missing field has been created successfully.

02:06 3. Selecting and working with multiple records

02:11 If we enable “mass-delete” for a table in AppGini users with delete permission can delete multiple records in one click.

02:28 Mark the check-box to the left of the records you wish to choose or to the left of the table header to mark all the records. A “More” button will appear, allowing you to choose among several actions to apply to records you selected.

02:40 Once you choose “delete” and confirm, selected records will be deleted.

02:48 For users that have no delete permission, the “more” button doesn't show the “delete” option.

03:01 Selecting multiple records allows you to “print detail view” and to change the owner as well.

03:27 “Change owner” feature is permitted to the admin only. Normal users don’t have this option.

03:42 Power users can also program more actions using the new "batch actions" hook.

03:54 To get to know more about AppGini, please visit our homepage for more video tours.