Screen cast: What's new in AppGini 5.40

A quick overview of the new features in AppGini 5.40, including:

1. Adding google map fields.

2. Adding YouTube video fields.

3. Adding parent records directly from the child table.

4. Easier saving of filters.

Video transcript

00:07 This is a quick overview of some new features in AppGini 5.40.

00:13 1. Adding Google map field

00:20You can add a google map to your records, simply by creating a new field having any textual data type and setting the field length to 200 or more.

00:34 You will need to provide an API Key in order for Google maps to work correctly. Open the “preferences” window and click this link to find instructions on how to get a Google maps API key. Check the “Google map” option, check “Accept a google map URL” and generate your application.

01:10 Now, we’ll switch to the browser, choose a record, add a google map URL and save.

01:51 This is how the map looks in the detail view.

02:09 Click “Back”, the map will be displayed as a thumbnail in the table view.

02:19 2. Adding YouTube videos

02:25 Create a field of any textual data type, change its length to 100 or more, check the “youtube video” option, check “Accept a youtube URL” and generate your application.

02:50 Now we’ll switch to the browser, choose a record, add a YouTube URL and save.

03:21 Voila! Here is our video.

03:46 In the table view, the video will be displayed as a thumbnail.

03:54 3. Adding parent records directly from the child table.

04:04 If the user has permission to add records to the parent table, he’ll notice a green plus-sign button right beside the drop-down field. Click it to easily add a new record to the parent table without leaving the child page.

04:27 Once you’re done adding the parent record, you can continue editing the child record.

04:47 4. Easier saving of filters

04:52 Open your project, choose a table, click “allow users to save filters” and generate.

05:10 Switch to your browser, go to the table click filter, define your filter and click “Save and apply filters”.

05:48 This is the filter result. Scroll up, right-click “Permalink”, and choose “copy link address”. Paste the address in a new tab to get the filter result.

06:07 Simply bookmark it to easily get back to it whenever you wish, or share it with other users who have access to that table.

06:15 There are many other features, enhancements, and bug fixes in this release! Visit our change log page for more details.

06:23 To get to know more about AppGini, please visit our Homepage for more video tours.