Fixing issues when trying to import CSV data to your AppGini app

Importing CSV data to AppGini is pretty easy using the CSV import page in the admin area. However, if the CSV file is mal-formatted, it might be partially imported, or not at all. A pretty easy way to check and validate your CSV file if it’s not importing correctly is to upload it to CSVLint. After uploading, click the ‘Validate’ button to see validation results. This should tell you if the CSV file has structure errors that prevent it from being parsed correctly when importing it, and suggests a fix for it as well.

Warning: CSVLint allows you to either specify the URL of the CSV file you want to validate, or to upload it. If you specify a URL, CSVLint assumes that this URL is public and publishes it! If you have sensitive data in your CSV file, consider installing the linter, which is open source, on a private PC/server instead.

Here is an example report showing validation errors for a CSV file that I received from a user — Data omitted from the screenshot for privacy.

CSVLint is a quick and easy way to validate CSV files. If you see errors like the above, try fixing them by clicking Download Standardized CSV button, then retry importing the fixed CSV file to your AppGini application.

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