PHP Commander
	This is a free script from BigProf Software.
		Download PHP Commander
	It allows you to type php commands/scripts inside a text area
	and execute them from one single page. Without this script, you
	have to test and run your php scripts this way:
	1. edit your scripts in a text editor
	2. save them to files
	3. upload the files to your server using FTP
	4. call the files from your browser
	5. you discover bugs and correct them by restarting from step 1!!
		@*%> This is PAINFUL! @*%>
	PHP Commander saves you all this trouble... 
	Try it for yourself. It's free!
	You can use it for:
	[1] Learning PHP interactively.
	[2] Testing and debugging your PHP scripts interactively.
	[3] Running programs and system commands on your server.
	Use this tool wisely, and NEVER allow anyone to access 
	it on your server. I have warned you, so don't blame me!
		Download PHP Commander