How to create a Google maps browser API key

In order to be able to include Google maps in your AppGini application, you need to have AppGini 5.40 or higher, and you need to obtain a Google maps browser API key (sometimes also referred to as client-side or JavaScript API key). You can create that key free-of-charge using a Google account. This video shows you how.

Here are the steps in more detail .. we listed these steps and took the screenshots on May 11, 2015. Google frequently makes updates to their site interface and URLs, so these steps might not be very accurate by the time you read this. If so, just search Google for "create google maps api browser key" or a similar search.
  1. Go to the Google Developers' Console. You might be prompted to log in using your Google account.
  2. Select a project or create a new one if you don't have one. Just provide any name for the project. For example, "AppGini app" would be fine.
    Create a new project in Google Developers Console
  3. Under "APIs & auth", select "APIs". Then click on "Google Maps Embed API" under "Google Maps API".
    Choose API key type
  4. Click "Enable API" button if it's not already enabled.
  5. Under "APIs & auth", click on "Credentials", then click on "Create new key", then in the popup window, click on "Browser key".
    Create new browser API key
  6. The next popup will prompt you to enter the website(s) where you will deploy your AppGini application. This is important to avoid abusing your API key by malicious users (which might lead to Google disabling it).
    Specify websites allowed to use your API key
  7. Finally, copy your API key and paste it to the settings window in AppGini. You're now ready to add Google maps to your AppGini application!
    Copy your API key