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Latest version is 24.16
released on Jul 09, 2024 (change log)

⇩ System requirements

AppGini runs natively on Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7. AppGini can also run on Linux using PlayOnLinux, and on Mac OSX using PlayOnMac. However, we can only fully support Windows-based installations.

The generated PHP code can run on any web server that supports PHP 7.0 or higher, and either MySQL 5.6+ or MariaDB 10 and above.
Create a web-based database app in 5 minutes with no-code
Watch screencast showing how to create a web database application in 5 minutes, no code, using AppGini. More video tours ▶

Save hundreds of programming man-hours with our powerful no-code platform

AppGini takes care of the repetitive data management code that would normally take hundreds of hours of expensive programmers' time and effort. This could translate to thousands of dollars in savings; give you the time to focus on more critical business logic, the confidence of having a high quality code base that has been time-tested by thousands of users over and over, and the efficiency of making the best use of your time rather than re-inventing the wheel.
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Make changes to your apps effortlessly

The hardest part of developing a tailored business application is making code/schema changes after you start using it. This is almost always met with resentment from developers, takes a long time, and costs more, even when using agile/scrum techniques.

AppGini makes it very easy to make changes. Adjust your database schema, or tweak options and appearance of your app in AppGini in a few minutes, then regenerate your app to instantly see the changes applied. Say farewell to lengthy meetings and bureaucratic change request processes. You're free to innovate and prototype confidently, knowing that you can easily make large or small changes any time effortlessly with AppGini.

Trustpilot.com 5 star AppGini review. It is a very productive application oriented to commercial web development, which makes it ideal for developing applications in record time and with the flexibility of being able to retouch the source code when the application requires it.

You fully own the code and data of your app

Unlike other "cloud" solutions, AppGini apps are saved on your own computer, not some remote server that belongs to some online service. You have total control and freedom on where to host your apps: on your PC, on your intranet, or using any cloud/hosting provider you prefer. Also, the data you save in your app belongs only to you and to no other third party. The source code of the app is readable and contains clear comments so you, or your developers/IT team, can check and modify it if needed.

Collaborative multi-user apps, no extra cost

AppGini applications support unlimited users. You can easily configure user groups to give users different permissions based on their roles. Permissions are granular so you can have total control on what data each user can access and/or manipulate. Unlike other "cloud services", you don't pay a per-user charge. AppGini doesn't put a tax on your growth.

Host your apps anywhere

Generated apps are based on the popular, open source, and widely supported LAMP stack. This makes it very easy to host them anywhere, and to move your apps from any hosting provider to any other one if needed with minimum effort.

Frictionless importing and exporting of data

AppGini apps include an advanced CSV import tool that you can allow all or some users of your app to utilize. Easily import new and/or updated records to any table, selecting the exact fields to import, all through an intuitive interface that requires minimal technical skills.

Users can also export some or all records of any table they have access to into CSV files and work with them in Excel or any other spreadsheet or data analysis tool. Admins can also create one-click backups of the entire database and restore them anytime.

Beautiful responsive apps on any device

AppGini applications are responsive, meaning that they look great on PCs, tablets and mobile devices, no matter how large or small the screen size. Users can access their apps anywhere using any preferred device.

You can choose between 16 beautiful themes, all based on the widely supported, open source Bootstrap framework. They include light and dark themes, and you can easily add more themes if you wish.

Extensible through plugins and hooks

You can extend your AppGini apps to add extra features using the wide range of plugins we offer. You can add even more features through the well-documented flexible hooks system. And although hooks involve writing code, it's very low-code; minimal effort to get great results while saving 95% or more valuable man-hours.

Secure and time-tested code

AppGini has been used by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide since 2002. During this time, we passed so many pentests, and received tens of thousands of feedback messages that we used to add many features and make countless improvements. This long experience is instantly yours when you use AppGini apps. No need to re-invent the wheel and keep looking for bugs and security vulnerabilities in code written from scratch. AppGini gives you peace of mind and confidence in your code base.