AppGini screenshots

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Users' login form. Your application homepage provides a quick overview of your application tables, and you can even add your own external links to it easily. The table view is where you can quickly navigate through the list of records in your database, perform quick and advanced search, click on a record to open it in the detail view for editing and other actions.
On mobile devices, users will be able to enjoy the full features of your application through a beautiful touch-friendly interface. AppGini supports automatic creation of thumbnails from uploaded images. AppGini also supports zooming of thumbnails to view the full size of the original uploaded image.
The quick search box allows users to easily find a specific record. In addition to the simple quick search box, AppGini provides the advanced search page, which is as powerful as writing you own SQL queries, without having to learn/write any SQL code! The detail view is where you can make changes to data.
Your application automatically adjusts to small (mobile) screens to provide beautiful and responsive pages. The navigation menu provides easy and quick access to your application pages, and you can also add external links easily to it. The detail view provides advanced features, like image uploads, rich text editing and many other features.
AppGini provides printer-friendly views of a single record or a list of records. AppGini comes with a beautiful RTL (right to left) theme for use with RTL languages like Arabic, Farsi, Hebrew, Urdu, ... etc. The dashboard of the admin area provides some quick insights into your data and users' activity
You can control how users from differnt groups access data in each table. Import data from Excel and other data sources to your application. The admin area of your application allows you to send mail messages to all users, a specific group, or a specific user.
Admin settings provide a lot of customizations that can be easily made to your application.