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When it comes to building the systems for managing day-to-day business operations, choices can be hard. Buying super-expensive licenses for tools that come with tons of unneeded features and complicated interfaces doesn't quite make sense. Also, hiring a software team or even a single developer is continually getting more expensive and challenging, and it takes a lot of time and effort to get results.

Even the once-promising cloud-based SaaS apps, where you get instant working tools for a small monthly/annual fee, come with their own caveats. Your valuable data is hosted elsewhere and there are usually a lot of barriers put in place to lock you into someone else's apps without being able to switch to other solutions. In addition, you might be looking for some features not present in those apps, but unable to add them because you don't really own the code of those tools. And we've seen it many times: SaaS companies shutting down after sometime, leaving you stuck in the mud.

So, here at BigProf Software, we provide tools for small businesses to build their own utilities that are specifically tailored to their very own needs. And these are not "cloud" utilities hosted elsewhere; you get the full source code for your custom apps to host it on-premises or with your own hosting provider or cloud servers. You're in full control of the data, the apps source code, and the servers you chose to host your apps on.

Plus, this doesn't have to be hard or take a lot of time: our tools empower you to build your business apps in a very short time (a few minutes to a couple of hours based on complexity of your needs, versus months to years when hiring programmers), and make it trivially easy to make changes and experiment without breaking things, and it all comes at a very low cost -- less than an hour or two of a developer's time.

Need to expand your business apps with some features/reports not provided by our tools? We fully understand this, and so we made it possible and very easy to do. Our tools create business apps for you that are easy to customize and we provide a lot of helpful resource on how to do so. You can make the customizations yourself if you have some basic programming knowledge, or you can hire developers, but they won't cost you as much as starting from scratch since most of customizations take only a few hours.

How to contact us

We value our users' responses and inquiries and we reply personally to each question we receive. No auto-responders and no dummy automated answering machines are used! Please use the contact form on our support page to contact us.

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