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Latest release: AppGini 23.16 released on Oct 17, 2023 (change log)

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MD5: 499482404d2ef04eb14ecbe5e3cbcfb8
SHA1: bb1f5308255cda50e408b8e00727bdb8df9b43fb

Seeing Windows Defender SmartScreen warnings? AppGini is completely safe to download but if you are still in doubt, please read this!

System requirements
  • AppGini runs natively on Windows. AppGini can also run on Linux using PlayOnLinux, and on Mac OSX using PlayOnMac. However, we can only fully support Windows-based installations.
  • The generated PHP code can run on any web server that supports:
    • PHP 7.0 or higher.
    • PHP extensions required: mysqli (or mysql for older PHP configurations), gd, iconv, json. Session support must also be enabled.
    • MySQL 5.6+, or MariaDB 10 and above.