Table and detail view classes

As of AppGini 5.60, a new advanced option was added to allow you to specify one or more space-separated CSS class names to apply to the table view and the detail view of a table. This option can be found by selecting a table in your project, then clicking the "Template" button. This would open a dialog as shown below.

Clicking the "Advanced" button will reveal even more options.

You can specify CSS classes to apply to the table view and the detail view. Most of the time, these would be Bootstrap grid classes. You could also select classes form the drop-down at the right. For example, to set the table view to display on the left part of the page, while the detail view on the right part, you could use the class col-md-6 for each. The result would look something like this when you generate your application.

Of course, to display the table and detail view on the same page, the option "Display detail view in a separate page" must be unchecked for that table.