Working with table fields

How can I add a field to a project?
Each table in your AppGini project would include at least one field. To create a new field, select a table from the Project Browser and then click the 'New Field' tool bar icon or open the Tables menu > Fields > New Field. You might also use CTRL + F keyboard shortcut.

How can I rename a field?
Select the field by clicking on it in the Project Browser (if it is not already highlighted) and click on its name or press F2. A cursor will appear allowing you to rename the field.

Tip: AppGini handles some field names in a special manner. For example, if you name your field "id", AppGini will automatically set it as an auto-increment primary key integer field. If you name it "comments", AppGini will set it as a text field that is editable in a rich text box. Special names also include "date", "*_date" (that is any name ending in "_date"), "description", "photo", "image" and "email".

Can I change the order of fields in a table?
Yes. Click on a field in the left panel, and then click on the down or up arrow in the toolbar to move the field up or down. If you prefer to use the keyboard, select the field and press Ctrl+u (move the field up) or Ctrl+d (move the field down).

Can I clone/copy a field?
You can copy a field from another AppGini project or from the same project using the Copy and Paste icons from the top toolbar.

Another way is to add a new field to one of your tables, and in the field properties panel, open the drop down labeled "Copy properties from" and select the field that you want to copy. The properties of the new field will then be set to the same values as those of the field you selected from the drop down.

How can I delete a field?
Select the field by clicking on it in the Project Browser and press the Delete button.

What about field properties?
In AppGini, click with the mouse on any property and press F1 to obtain help about its function.