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C4Engineering is a site for engineers and engineering students interested in computer programming and begining their C language first steps. Here you will find tutorials and programs that are simple and easy to read and engineering-oreinted. I'm continuously expanding this website and adding new content to it. So, if you can't find what you are searching for, just tell me and I'll try to add it.

Currently, these topics are available:

Plotting graphs and charts
Your ultimate guide to plotting graphs of mathematical functions, charts, data in files...etc. You will learn how to make your scale, zoom in or out at any part of your graphs, pan, manipulate, and automate the whole process of plotting graphs.
  Plotting the quadratic function y=ax2+bx+c
  Zooming and panning-graphs in action!
  Plotting polar functions

Definite integration
A program to integrate a given function. User inputs the two boundry limits, and gets the value of integration.

Dealing with tables-part 1
In part 1 of this section, you will learn how to enter the data in a 2D table into a C program, and let the user look up any value in this table. A 2D table is a table that tabulates the relationship between 2 variables.

Sampling plans performance
When a customer buys a lot of products from a supplier, he inspects them according to a certain predetermined plan. The plan is said to be a good one if it causes good lots to be accepted and bad ones to be rejected. This program helps determining the performance of a given plan.

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