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When converting a database from Access to MySQL, will AccessMyWizard carry over the indexes set in each table in Access?
A Yes, AccesMyWizard supports Access indexes and will carry over the indexes set in each table in Access database to Mysql


Are there any constraints on number of fields or number of records in the conversion process? I have some fairly large tables?
A There is no limitation in the number of fields or the number of records.


I want to convert ms access tables into MYSQL which is running on Linux ,Is AccessMyWizard designed so that I can connect from windows box to Linux server?
A You can convert your MS Access DB to MySQL running on Linux by following these steps:

Run AccessMyWizard on the windows Machine and select to convert from Access to MySQL.

In the "Connect to MySQL server" step, provide the connection information as follows:

1).. Host: The IP of the Linux machine if you are connecting Via a LAN. or the URL of the MySQL server if you are connecting through the internet.

2).. Port Number: The port number that MySQL Accepts the connections on, (use the default value for most cases).

3). Your user name and password, (Note that the this user account must have the appropriate privilege.

4).. select the target MySQL database.

you can test the previous steps with the demo version as well


I get a "file in use by other program" error after selecting the Access DB I want to convert. While no other application is using the file..
A Your Access file may be read only so you should check your file properties..


I'm trying to convert a (local) Access database to a (remote) MySQL database. What value (and its format) should I put in the "Host" field when connect to MySQL? Do I need to change the port number?
A For a remote connection to a MySQL server:

In the host type the address of your mysql server it's probably will be something like:

And about the port number many servers uses 3306 as port number but you should check your hosting server..

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