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Quickly backup and restore your MySQL/MariaDB database

It's very important that you have a backup plan of your MySQL database. Loosing even a single day's worth of data can be frustrating and critical to your business. If you have shell (command-line) access to your database server, here is a very easy and quick backup method: Use mysqldump.

Creating the backup

To create the dump, use this command from your shell/command-line:

mysqldump -uusername -ppassword -–default-character-set=utf8 -N database > backup.sql

MySQL2AppGini: Work with your existing MySQL/MariaDB database in AppGini

If you already have one or more existing MySQL (or MariaDB) databases, you can easily work with them in AppGini. Start AppGini normally, and when you see the How do you want to begin your work? dialog, shown below, select Import an existing MySQL database and click OK.

Formatting a field as a phone number

Q: I need to automatically format data in a field as a phone number like XXX-XX-XXXX. How can I do so?

Tweeting from your AppGini-generated web application

The tweeting method explained here is obsolete and no longer works with Twitter. We'll be updating this page soon. Please accept our deep apologies for any inconvenience caused by this.

Post to from your AppGini application So, you created a cool application with AppGini. Now you want to post a new Tweet whenever you add new records to your application. Here you'll learn how to do so. This tutorial requires PHP 5 or higher and AppGini 4.50 or higher.

Download free open source web applications

All the applications listed here are MIT-licensed free open source web applications generated by AppGini. You can easily customize them by editing the source code, or by editing the accompanying project files in AppGini (both the trial and full version of AppGini can be used).

Creating customized search forms

This tutorial shows you how to create a customized search form that users can use to search a particular table in your AppGini-generated web application. This search form we'll create would replace the standard filters page for the concerned table.

Automatically calculated fields

Note: This tutorial applies to AppGini versions prior to 4.50. For similar modifications applicable to AppGini 4.50 and higher, please use hooks. Please see the documentation and examples of the tablename_before_insert and tablename_before_update hooks.

Which data type to choose for your fields?

Designing databases: Picking The Right Data Types is an article by Brandon Savage that provides useful tips on choosing the correct data types for your fields. A quote from the article:

Increasing the width of the rich (HTML) area

Q: How do I re-size the Rich(HTML)area in the detail view? It would be great if it could be large for easier editing.

Linking to a specific record

Q: How do I link to a specific record in one of the AppGini-generated tables?

Sometime, I want to send someone a link to one of the records in a table. I don't want him to have to view all records first and then select one of them. I just want him to view the record in the detail view once he click the link.
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