Online Rental Property Manager (ORPM) ā€” Free, open source.

Online Rental Property Manager

Online Rental Property Manager
License: MIT License
  • ORPM Homepage
  • Detail view page for editing property data
  • View of the units table showing all available units
  • Detail view for editing unit data
  • Detail view page for editing applications/leases data
  • Detail view page for editing tenants data
  • ORPM Project as shown in AppGini
  • Print out of property details
  • ORPM Mobile units detail view
  • Admin area showing how memberships could be managed.
  • Detail view of members and key functions available
  • Send email to a single user or a group of users
Online rental property manager (ORPM) allows you to manage your rental properties, units, applications, leases and tenants. Add all details related to the tenants, i.eā€¦ references, rental history, employment history and income overview. ORPM was created using AppGini. So you can easily customize it to add/remove details or any extra functionality to fit your own requirements. ORPM is a responsive web-based application that you can access from your PC, tablet, mobile or any other device.
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What's new?

Latest version: ORPM version 4.0 released, released on December 29, 2016
  • Applied new features from AppGini 5.60.
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