Screen cast: How to easily change your AppGini application theme

Learn how to change your application theme. You can choose between 12 different bootstrap-based mobile-friendly themes

Video transcript

00:08 This tutorial shows how to change your application theme.

00:17 We'll open one of our existing projects and click "edit theme".

00:21 The application theme window will pop up allowing you to choose between 14 different Themes.

00:52 "Preview in web browser" allows you to try the theme you chose in a web browser before setting it.

01:19 For "Bootstrap", "Bootstrap compact" and "Bootstrap RTL" check "use 3D effects". It's recommended only for "Bootstrap themes". Then click "set as application theme".

01:25 You can even get more themes by clicking on the "more themes" tab and following the 4 steps mentioned.

01:39 All you need to do now is to Generate.

01:58 Now that we've chosen a new theme, let's visit our web application to see how it looks like, and how it responds automatically to various screen sizes.

02:43 This is how it looks on your mobile,

02:53 and how it looks on your Tablet or notebook.

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