Screen cast: AppGini lookup fields and master detail pages

In this screen-cast, we'll add a "category" look-up field to books, and show how to display all the books that belong to a selected category.

Video transcript

00:07 Look-up fields are drop-downs listing data from another table, which help you organize your web application.

00:15 This is how our final table looks like.

00:23 Click any entry. Do you see how the category field is displayed? It gets its data from the "Categories" table.

00:42 Let's switch to AppGini to see how to set a field as a look-up field.

00:54 First, select the field you wish to set as a drop-down field.

01:01 Then go to the "Lookup field" tab, choose "categories" as Parent table, and "Categories name" as parent caption field.

01:013 You can also list books that belong to a category when that category is selected.

01:24 Now we'll click "parent/children settings", check "enabled" and "show icon" and press "OK". All you need to do now is to generate.

01:43 Now, we'll switch back to see how adding new data goes.

01:51 Click "Add new" and start adding a new record.

02:05 You'll notice that "pages" field appears as radio buttons. To get to know how to create it, please visit our relevant tutorial.

02:11 Once you're done, click "save changes" than back to return to the table view.

02:21 You can click on any column title to sort data ascendingly, click again to sort descendingly.

02:27 Now let's jump to the "categories table" and see how books categorized as "Children story" are displayed.

02:52 You can simply edit your data by clicking on the arrow icon. A pop up window will appear, allowing you to edit, delete or save as copy.

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