Screen cast: Managing access permissions for logged-in users

How to manage access permissions for users of your AppGini-generated application.

00:07 This tutorial shows you how to manage user groups and permissions in your AppGini-generated application.

00:16 George Edward, the marketing and General Manager, is setting the permissions of the sales group.

00:24 Only the admin can set permissions for other users or groups.

00:35 The sales group has view-only access for the “customers” and “employees” tables.

00:41 While for the “Orders” and “Orders Items” tables, they are allowed to insert, view and edit all records.

00:50 Each group and each user can have his own set of permissions according to his responsibilities.

00:59 George is sending Steve, his assistant, an email asking him to modify certain data in the application.

01:14 “Hi Steve, with reference to our meeting with the marketing manager of “Romero y tomillo“, please amend the “requested date” of their order number 11078 to 05/31/2015 instead of 06/15/2015. On the other hand, our sales representative, Ms. Nancy Davolio was promoted to “sales Manager” yesterday. Please make sure to update the records accordingly.”

01:48 Now, let’s switch to Steve and see what he can do about it.

01:54 Steve logs in as a member of the sales group, accesses the “orders” table, the requested record and now he is making the requested modification to the order.

02:26 Steve modified the sales part and proceeds to the second part of the email.

02:33 He navigates back to the homepage to access the employees table, chooses the record, but he could only view the record, as he doesn’t have editing permission.

02:58 Steve replied to his boss:

03:02 “Hi George, Order no. 11078 has been modified as requested. Regarding updating the records of Ms. Nancy Davolio, please be informed that I don’t have HR permission to edit the records. Kindly give me access to edit the employee’s records, or allow me to pass this request to Kevin – HR staff to do the necessary amendments.”

03:35 Now George, as the admin, will grant Steve the access permission to the employees table.

03:44 He goes to the “Admin Area”, clicks “Members”, then “view Members”, chooses the requested member, then chooses “Set special permissions for this user”.

04:04 This page allows him to set the permissions only for Steve without having to grant access to all members of the sales group.

04:04 He checks “edit All” for the “employees” table and saves the changes.

04:41 Now Steve can edit the record as George requested.

04:51 When he clicks the record this time, he can easily make the necessary amendments.

05:41 At the end of the day, George revokes the special permissions he granted for Steve, simply by clicking “Reset Member Permissions”.