Screen cast: Performing advanced search queries in AppGini using filters

The filters feature helps retrieving very specific data by configuring up to 12 conditions divided into 3 filter groups.

Video transcript

00:07 This tutorial shows how to use the filters available in the created AppGini web application.

00:14 We'll use the Northwind application here. It's available online at

00:22 Let's say we want to retrieve the orders shipped to Brazil and Germany during August 1994.

00:29 How could the filtration option be of help to us in this regards? Let’s have a look.

00:33 Since we need to filter the “orders”, we’ll go to the “orders” table. Let’s have a look at the “filters” page.

00:40 Now we’ll set the first filter field to “Ship country”. As you see, this is a drop down menu containing all available fields. Then we’ll choose the “comparison operator” to be “equal to”. Last step is typing “Germany” in the “comparison value” field.

01:00 Before starting the second condition, we’ll choose “or” from the left drop-down list. We’ll perform all the above steps adding “Brazil” in the “comparison value” this time.

01:18 Our third condition is the date. Let me first draw your attention to a misleading action that might cause filtration not to work properly.

01:26 If we continue the steps as previously performed, without moving to another filters group, we'll choose "and", then start adding the date. Since it is a date range, it should consist of two parts.

01:40 For the first part, we'll choose "Greater than or equal to" as the "comparison operator", and add the date as the first of August 1994.

01:53 The second part will be "less than or equal to" as the " comparison operator", and we'll add the date as the thirty-first of August 1994. The date format depends on the settings applied in AppGini.

02:07 Now, let’s apply the filters and see the results. As you see, the results aren't accurate. This is caused by combining filters using “and” and “or” within the same filters group.

02:21 To avoid this, let’s go back to our filters, add an extra filter group to move our date filters to. By choosing “and” from this drop-down list, a new filters group will appear. Let's see how the results changed.

03:10 The results are more accurate showing only the requested data.

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