Screen cast: Build a dynamic form to collect data from your website visitors

Using AppGini, build a dynamic form and allow anonymous users to fill it in.

00:08 This tutorial shows you how to add a dynamic form to your website, allowing visitors to fill it in.

00:15 For example, we'll create a school admission form and see how to access and search submissions.

00:22 Step 1 of 5: Create the form in AppGini

00:54 Step 2 of 5: Enter the URL visitors should see after submitting the form

01:02 Step 3 of 5: Generate and set up your AppGini application

01:21 This is the homepage of our application as displayed to the administrator.

01:29 And this is how the admission form looks like so far....

01:38 Step 4 of 5: We'll go to the admin area and configure the form to allow anonymous visitors to fill it in.

01:57 We should allow anonymous users to insert new records, without permitting them to view, edit or delete any records.

02:09 Let's now sign out to preview what anonymous visitors can see.

02:16 In the next step, we'll see how to hide the login links, but for now, let's try to fill in the form as anonymous visitors.

03:33 Let's try submitting another anonymous entry for illustration.

4:23 Step 5 of 5: Finally, let's go to AppGini to hide the login links from site visitors, then re-generate our application.

04:53 Although the login links are now hidden, you can still log into the admin area by manually typing "/admin" after the homepage URL.

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