Screen cast: Option lists: How to Limit user input to a pre-defined list of options

Some data fields in your application might allow users to select among only a limited set of options. We can set up fields this way using "option lists" ... Let's see how AppGini makes this possible in a few simple steps.

Video transcript

00:07 AppGini offers special features for fields with immutable data.

00:11 This tutorial shows how to apply drop down lists and radio buttons.

00:25 In our project we’ll set the “year” field as a drop down list and the “pages” fields as radio buttons.

00:32 Now let us go to AppGini to see how to apply those features.

00:36 To create a drop-down list, click on the field name, then on "options list", and type all the values you want to allow users to choose from, separating each with double semicolon.

00:48 As you can see, you can choose among three methods for how to display your options list “Drop-down list”, “multiple-choice list box” and “radio buttons”. For the “year” field we’ll choose the "drop-down list".

01:04 We'll perform the same steps for the "pages" field, but this time we'll choose "radio buttons" instead of "drop-down list". Radio buttons allow you to make a choice with a single mouse click.

01:19 After we generate, we get back to our web application and start adding a new record.

01:45 So this way our "year" field became a drop-down field and our "pages" field became a radio buttons field.

01:57 You’ll notice that “None” appears as an option in the radio buttons.

02:01 Since no book could contain “none” pages, we’d better remove that choice.

02:07 Let’s return to AppGini, select the “pages” field, check “Required”, and generate.

02:29 Getting back to our web application, we’ll refresh the page, and as you see, the “none” choice disappeared.

02:41 To get to know more about AppGini, please visit our homepage for more video tours.