Screen cast: Using auto-fill look-up fields to automatically populate fields from another table

AppGini provides a special type of look-up fields called "auto-fill" look-ups. When a user selects an item from a "main" look-up field, any auto-fill look-ups having the same parent table are automatically populated, as demonstrated in this screen cast.

Video transcript

00:07 Auto-fill is one of the handy look-up options available in AppGini. This tutorial shows how to make use of Auto-fill look-up fields using the Northwind demo, which is available at:

00:22 Our "Northwind" project consists of several tables. We'll open the "orders" table to add a new order. As you can see, when you choose any of the customers' names, i.e. "B's beverages" the customer's fields are automatically populated with that customer's data, because these fields are set as look-up fields.

00:47 Let's switch to AppGini to experience how simple setting fields as auto-fill look-ups is.

00:54 This is our "Northwind" project, the "orders" table, and we'll set the "Customer ID" field as a normal look-up field, choosing the "customers" table as the "parent" table and the "company name" field as the "parent caption field".

01:12 We'll perform the same steps to the "ship name" field. The "customers" table is the "parent" table.

01:20 As you see, a new option is shown, which is the "Auto-fill" option. It appears only when we have more than one look-up field pointing to the same source table. We'll choose the "contact name" field to be the "parent caption field".

01:35 Now we'll set the "shipping address" field as well. Again, the "customers" table is the "parent" table, check the Auto-fill box and set the "address" field as the "parent caption field". We'll perform the same steps for all the required fields.

02:23 Once we are done, we'll generate, and switch to our web application to see the Auto-fill option in action.

02:40 Simply by choosing a customer, the auto-fill fields will automatically be populated.

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