Screen cast: Converting an excel sheet into a responsive multi-user online database application

This screen-cast show you how to convert your excel sheet into an online database application in a few simple steps.

00:07 If you are currently using an excel sheet to collect your data, you can turn it into a database application with a few simple steps.

00:15 This tutorial shows how to convert an excel sheet into an online database application.

00:25 This is our excel sheet.

00:31 All you need to do is save it as “CSV” format.

00:49 Then we’ll start a new AppGini project.

00:52 Go to the “File” menu, and choose “import” then “Table from CSV file”.

01:03 Once you open your CSV file, a pop up window will appear on the right side of the screen, listing some actions you might need to make use of.

01:14 First, we need to add a primary key field, or set one of the fields as a primary key. In our case we’ll set the “ID” Field to “Primary key”.

01:28 As AppGini sets the default data type to “VarChar” of length 255 for all fields, you might need to change those settings according to your requirements.

01:40 In this example we’ll leave the “Country” field set as “VarChar” and change all other fields to “integer”.

02:04 Finally, set any other fields and table properties as necessary. We’ll set an icon to our table, click “Done” and generate.

02:21 Click “Done”

02:26 And generate

02:40 Now we’ll navigate to our browser.

02:56 Fill in the setup form

03:18 And click “Import existing data into your application from a CSV file”.

03:26 This takes you directly to the admin area, where you should browse your file.

03:33 After uploading your file, you might need to review the advanced options and set them according to your needs.

03:43 By clicking “Preview CSV data”, we can see how our table would display.

03:51 Let’s click “Confirm and import CSV data”,

03:59 Assign an owner to the imported records,

04:05 And we’re done.

04:06 We’ll go back to the “User’s area”, open the table, and here you go! The table is populated with the CSV file data.

04:21 To add a new record, you can simply scroll down and fill in the fields.

04:33 To get to know more about AppGini, please visit our homepage for more video tours.