Screen cast: Saving filters for use later

Saving filters allows you to get back to any search you applied without re-entering all criteria over again.

Video transcript

00:07 AppGini has many features that make your work much easier. This tutorial shows you how to save your search filters for reuse later.

00:18 Let’s open the “Northwind” project, which is available on our website. Select the “orders” table, check “allow users to save filters” button and generate.

00:41 Now we’ll switch to the online demo, go to the “orders” table, choose “filter” and start entering the criteria we are looking for. In our example we'll look for orders that shipped via Speedy express to Canada or Brazil. So we will select “ship country” from the “filtered field” drop down list, "equal to” from the “comparison operator” field, and type “Canada” in the “comparison value” field.

01:09 Before adding the next filter line, we’ll choose “or” then repeat the previous steps, and type “Brazil” in the “comparison value” field.

01:24 This isn’t all we are looking for.. we still have to set the shipping courier as a condition for the orders shipped to either Canada or Brazil. So we will choose “AND” to combine this filter with the coming one, select “ship via” as “filtered field”, then “equal to” as “comparison operator”, and type in “Speedy express” as “comparison value”. All we have to do now it to click on “save and apply filters”.

01:59 Voila! Here are the orders we are looking for. To save this search for use later, we will copy the HTML code mentioned above, paste it into a text editor program, and save on our computer. We’ll name it “My-filters.html”.

02:31 Now we’ll double-click the file to open it in the browser, and simply click the “show filtered data” button, to access the filtered data.

02:48 To get to know more about AppGini, please visit our homepage for more video tours.