Screen cast: Creating a document upload field in AppGini

This screen-cast show you how to add a new document upload field to your AppGini application and use it to upload a Word document to a record.

Video transcript

00:07 This tutorial shows how to upload a word document in less than a minute.

00:16 First, open any of AppGini projects, choose a table and add a new field

00:30 Go to "link behavior" tab and set it to "No action". Check "Allow users to upload files of type "txt,doc,docs,docm,odt,pdf,rtf" , set the "Maximum acceptable file size" to a suitable size and check "delete files from server when removed from records". All you need to do now is to Generate.

01:06 Now that we've created the field, let's visit our web application and see it in action.

1:29 We'll go to the students table, where the new field is displayed in the table view already. Choose any record, click "choose file" to upload the requested file, then "save changes". Click "back", you'll find the uploaded file name displayed in the table view.

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