Screen cast: How to use Git with AppGini to manage code changes

00:07 When making changes to your AppGini application, it's more efficient to upload the changed files only, rather than re-uploading all the files.

00:17 This tutorial shows you how to use Git with AppGini to manage code changes. Git is a powerful open source tool used by millions of developers to collaborate and manage code changes. We’ll use TortoiseGit, which is a graphical interface for Git.

00:36 First search for TortoiseGit, download it, and follow the setup wizard. You might need to restart Windows.

00:55 Now we'll open our AppGini project and generate.

01:18 Then we'll navigate to our generated folder, right-click in an empty area and choose "git create repository here".

01:37 As you can see a hidden ".git" folder is created. This folder appears only if you enable showing hidden folders in Windows Explorer.

01:46 Right click again and choose "git commit to master", add a comment describing this version, in our example we'll add the comment "1st version" and check "All" to add all the generated files.

02:13 Now all folders and files have a green sign on them, indicating that they are all up-to-date.

02:21 Let's get back to AppGini, make some changes in the application and generate.

03:07 As you can see the sign of some folders and files has changed to red instead of green, due to the modifications we’ve just made to our project.

03:22 Beware that the red sign on folders doesn't mean that all the files inside them have changed, but possibly only some files.

03:29 If you’d like to upload the changed files to your server, you can now easily recognize them and avoid uploading the other unchanged files.

03:36 You can now commit the updated version of your application to Git. Right-click and choose "git commit to master". We'll describe the changes made in the comments box.

04:07 Once you get back to your folder, you'll notice that all signs are green again.

04:19 To review the history of the changes made, click "TortoiseGit", then "Show log".

04:44 Git offers you many powerful features to manage the files of your AppGini applications. We’ve just shown you a little trick, but you can learn much more if you search for Git tutorials on the web.

04:54 To get to know more about AppGini, please visit our homepage for more video tours.

If you don't see the TortoiseGit icon overlays the way they appear in the screencast, please follow the steps at

If things go wrong, try installing Git before installing TortoiseGit