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Screen cast: Build a dynamic form to collect data from your website visitors

Using AppGini, build a dynamic form and allow anonymous users to fill it in.

00:08 This tutorial shows you how to add a dynamic form to your website, allowing visitors to fill it in.

00:15 For example, we'll create a school admission form and see how to access and search submissions.

00:22 Step 1 of 5: Create the form in AppGini

Screen cast: Filtering a lookup menu by customizing the SQL query

Learn how to filter the contents of the drop-down menu for a look-up field. With a slight knowledge of SQL, you can easily change what is displayed in the drop down.

00:07 Using the Northwind application, which is available online at, we will get to know another feature that AppGini offers.

Screen cast: How to upload your AppGini web application to a web server using FTP and cPanel

AppGini allows you to create and publish web database applications in a few minutes. This is how to upload your AppGini-generated application to a web server powered by cPanel.

Screen cast: AppGini lookup fields and master detail pages

In this screen-cast, we'll add a "category" look-up field to books, and show how to display all the books that belong to a selected category.

Video transcript

00:07 Look-up fields are drop-downs listing data from another table, which help you organize your web application.

00:15 This is how our final table looks like.

Video tour: Saving searches for quick use later

Saving filters allows you to get back to any search you applied without re-entering all criteria over again. You can even share your saved searches with any user having access to the table you are searching in.

Limiting user input to pre-defined options in AppGini

Some data fields in your application might allow users to select among only a limited set of options. We can set up fields this way using "option lists" ... Let's see how AppGini makes this possible in a few simple steps.

Video tour: Changing your application theme

In this screencast, we'll learn how to change the application theme. As of AppGini 5.20, you can choose a Bootstrap 3 based theme for your generated application. AppGini comes with 12 themes. All of them are responsive, meaning that they automatically look great on any screen size.

Video tour: Adding a file upload field

This is a screencast that will show you how to create fields to upload documents (or other files) in your AppGini application.

Cascading drop downs (or filtering contents of a drop down when selecting a value from another drop down)

Cascading drop-downs link two listings to each other so that selecting a value from the first list, automatically filters the data in the second one.

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