Video tutorials

Cascading drop downs (or filtering contents of a drop down when selecting a value from another drop down)

Cascading drop-downs link two listings to each other so that selecting a value from the first list, automatically filters the data in the second one.

Auto-complete lookup fields

Does your lookup drop down look huge and take decades to load? Don't panic! When the source (parent) table of a lookup field contains thousands of records, you should use auto-complete lookups to avoid heavy pages and make it easier for users to select an item from the lookup field. Learn how through this video tutorial.

Video tour: Lookup fields and master/detail pages

Lookup fields (also called foreign keys) allow you to include data from a field in another field. For example, if you have a table that show a listing of books, and another table listing book categories, you can create a lookup field in the books table that lists the categories stored in the categories table. Lookups are a very powerful tool for data integrity and creating one-to-many relationships. Watch the video and learn how AppGini makes this very easy.

Video tour: Downloading table data as a CSV file

This is a video tour that will show you how to save the data for any table in the AppGini web application in a CSV file; that can be opened by Microsoft Excel or any other editor.

Performing advanced search queries in AppGini using filters

The filters feature helps retrieving very specific data by configuring up to 12 conditions divided into 3 filter groups.

Video tour: Auto-fill fields

AppGini provides a special type of look-up fields called "auto-fill" look-ups. When a user selects an item from a "main" look-up field, any auto-fill look-ups having the same parent table are automatically populated, as demonstrated in this screen cast.

Video tour: Adding a photo upload field

This is a video tour that will show you how to create fields to upload Images in your application.

Create a web database application from scratch in 5 minutes

This screencast will guide you through using AppGini to create a database web-application from scratch. In a few minutes, we'll create a simple product catalog, set it up and see it in action.

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