Calendar plugin for AppGini

Calendar plugin for AppGini

Calendar plugin for AppGini
License: Commercial, per-user
Compatible with any PC/server that can run PHP

With the Calendar plugin for AppGini, you're able to see how your records (which could be tasks, projects, orders, events, or any other kind of data with a date/time) are organized over time. You can also directly add new records into the calendar, making it much easier to assign dates correctly, avoiding conflicts with other records.

Switch between 4 views (month, week, day, agenda)
Calendar plugin displays events from your database in 4 calendar views that users can easily switch between with a button click and no delay: Month view, week view (showing 7 days, with a time grid), day view (with a time grid), and agenda (list) view, displaying list of events of an entire week.

Add multiple color-coded event types to each calendar.
Calendar plugin allows you to create one or more calendars, and select one or more types of events to display in each calendar. You can assign a different color to each type of events for easier recognition by users.

View (and edit) events details with a click of a mouse
When users click on an event, this opens the detail view of the corresponding record in a modal window on top of the calendar. Users can then view other event details, and even make changes to the event (if they have permission to). When the user closes the modal window, changes are automatically applied in the calendar.

Add new events directly inside the calendar
Users with insert permission to an event's table can click anywhere inside a calendar to create a new event, just like in Google Calendar. The new event will have its date/time fields smartly adjusted to the matching date/time in the calendar, saving users a few steps each time.

Easily customize calendars to match all your use cases
You can specify a custom WHERE clause when creating events. For example, you could distinguish non-shipped orders, giving them a red color, from shipped ones, with green color, by creating 2 separate 'order' events, each with different WHERE conditions.

You can also add a JavaScript handler when creating a new event. This is very useful to set default values for one or more fields based on the event type. Calendar plugin is based on the awesome open source fullcalendar, which has very well-oranized documentation, making it easy to modify the calendar behavior to match your desired use cases.

Frequently asked questions

Which version of AppGini is required for running Calendar plugin?
The latest version of AppGini is generally recommended when running AppGini plugins, but AppGini 5.98 or above is required.
If a new version of AppGini is released, do I need to update this plugin as well?
Usually not. However, if an update is needed we'll issue it free-of-charge.
I already have another plugin installed. Is it safe to install this plugin to the same app into the same plugins folder?
Yes. AppGini plugins share a common set of files that ship with all plugins and are safe to overwrite. Plugin-specific files are installed into a separate subfolder under the plugins folder. So, it's safe to extract this plugin to the plugins folder, overwriting existing files. Both plugins will continue to work fine.
If you make a new version of this plugin, do I have to pay to upgrade?
No. All AppGini plugins come with free life-time updates.
I have several AppGini applications. Do I have to buy a separate license of this plugin for each?
No. When you buy any AppGini plugin, you can install it to all of your AppGini applications. However, just like AppGini, if you are a team of users who use AppGini as part of your development toolset, each user should have a separate license.
Does the Calendar plugin add any code to hook files?
Yes, Calendar plugin will insert links to created calendars into the hooks/links-home.php and hooks/links-navmenu.php files. The inserted code is wrapped inside easily recognizable comments, and will not overwrite any code you already have in these files.

The plugin also modifies the files hooks/tablename-dv.js for every table that contains events.

We highly recommend that you use Git to manage customized code in your applications.
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What's new?

Latest version: 1.7, released on Dec 13, 2023
  • Calendar 1.7, Dec 13, 2023
    • Fix PHP 8.x warnings.
  • Calendar 1.6, May 4, 2022
    • Drop support for IE 8, 9.
    • Compatibility with AppGini 22.13.
    • Fix error when creating plugins/projects folder in some scenarios.
  • Calendar 1.5, Oct 31, 2021
    • Fixed stored xss vulnerability in calendar event title.
    • Fix compatibility issues with PHP 8, 8.1
  • Calendar 1.4, Jan 19, 2021
    • Compatibility with apps created by AppGini 5.93.
  • Calendar 1.3, Dec 2, 2020
    • Add plugin version checker/notifier.
  • Calendar 1.2, Oct 28, 2020
    • Improved handling of non-Latin and accented characters.
    • Fix bug with date calculations.
    • Add option to configure event text and background colors separately (to avoid display issues with some dark themes).
  • Calendar 1.1, Apr 19, 2020
    • Fixed a bug where projects with tables that contain a single field failed to load.
  • Calendar 1.0, Mar 29, 2020
    • First release.