This blog’s main theme is AppGini and its ecosystem. AppGini is a desktop application that you can use to easily design a database and create a web application. It could be a small app to manage appointments, or a bigger one for managing inventory, sales, purchases, manufacturing, .. you name it. Anything that has a database can be started with AppGini.

Of course AppGini is not a silver bullet. It creates some very useful views for managing your database. But you’ll probably need to add customized reports, additional validation rules, data workflows, .. etc. That’s why we added hooks to AppGini. Hooks allow you to add (hook) your own code (PHP, JavaScript and/or HTML) into specific areas of the application or to be executed when some particular events take place.

For example, if an agent adds a new order, send an email notification to inventory and accountant. Add reports to show sales by region, sales by agents, and monthly sales summary. Disable/hide some fields in a form for some user roles but allow other roles to access them. The list goes on and on.

This blog tries to explore ways to extend AppGini using hooks. We also have a more in-depth resource for learning hooks and making the best use of them: Our online customization course. With 4.5 hours of on-demand videos, 30 code examples with full source code, and life-time access, this course can be a great tutorial and reference for you. Check the intro video below.