Retrieve a list of users who haven’t made any activity in the last x months

I just got an interesting question from an AppGini user:

Is there an SQL query that I can run manually in PhpMyAdmin that will show me a list of all users that haven’t logged into AppGini for the last 6 months please? Even if it is using one of the date fields in the membership_users table to show me a list of all users that haven’t added or changed a record for the last 6 months, that would suffice.

Well, AppGini doesn’t currently (until AppGini 5.72) store the login date/time of users (but we plan to add this in future releases). So, what we can do is run a query to retrieve non-active users (with no insert/edit activity in the last 6 months).

First, we need to create a new view in MySQL to list users’ last activity:

Now, you can use the view ‘members_activity’ that we defined above like you use any table (except it’s not actually a table, but it makes our life easier when performing complex queries). So, to retrieve all users who have no insert/update activity or whose last insert/update activity is more than 6 months old:

But the above query might retrieve new users who joined less than 6 months ago … to exclude those, we should add another condition:

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