DataTalk plugin for AppGini

DataTalk plugin for AppGini

DataTalk plugin for AppGini
License: Commercial, per-user
Compatible with any PC/server that can run PHP

DataTalk is an innovative AppGini plugin that allows you and your users to interact with your AppGini database using natural language questions. This eliminates the need for writing complex SQL queries and makes it easy for you to retrieve the data you're looking for quickly and efficiently.

With DataTalk, simply ask a question in plain English, and the plugin will translate it into SQL and return the appropriate result set. DataTalk's natural language processing technology is based on the famous ChatGPT API, ensuring accurate interpretation of your questions, making it an ideal solution for businesses and individuals who need to access and analyze data on a regular basis.

Ask questions, naturally
Interact with the database using natural language, just like you talk to your colleagues, eliminating the need for complex SQL syntax. Tip: You can ask DataTalk questions in any language, and ChatGPT will understand them and translate them into SQL code. You could even learn the right SQL syntax by asking DataTalk human questions and copying the generated SQL code.

Ask questions in any language, not just English!
Since DataTalk uses the ChatGPT API, it can understand questions in any language. In this screenshot, we're asking the question in German. ChatGPT understands it and returns the correct query, including the correct country name!

Translation to SQL
DataTalk translates your questions into SQL code, so you don't need to be familiar with database programming. You can copy the SQL code with a single click and use it as-is or customize it in the Interactive SQL queries tool in the admin area of your AppGini application.

Integration with AppGini
DataTalk already knows your AppGini database structure and how to access its contents. No configuration needed. No prompt engineering games. Just start using it out of the box.

User-friendly interface
DataTalk's intuitive interface makes it easy for you to navigate and use in no time.

Like ChatGPT itself, DataTalk takes a minimalistic approach to design, so you can focus on your data and not on the interface. Nonetheless, DataTalk provides many powerful features without sacrificing usability.

Questions history
DataTalk automatically keeps a history of your questions, so you can easily review and re-run them. You can always delete a question from the history if you don't need it anymore. If you click the question text, it will be copied to the input field for you to either edit then re-run, or to run as-is. If the question was asked before, DataTalk will run the corresponding SQL query without resending it to ChatGPT for a faster response.

Export results
Export your results to CSV. You can then easily import them into Excel or any other spreadsheet application. You can also share the CSV file with your colleagues, vendors, or customers.

Frequently asked questions

What's the minimum version of AppGini required for running DataTalk plugin?
The latest version of AppGini is generally recommended when running AppGini plugins. DataTalk plugin was tested with AppGini 22.14.
Do I need a ChatGPT account to use DataTalk plugin?
Yes, the first time you open the plugin, you'll be asked to provide a ChatGPT API key. You can currently create a ChatGPT account and obtain an API key for free. You can use that API key for a free trial period, after which you are billed for usage on a pay-as-you-go basis. To give you an idea of pricing, 200 questions would cost around USD 1 or so. And to help reduce your API usage, DataTalk caches questions to avoid making repeated requests to the ChatGPT API. More details on ChatGPT API pricing and rate limits.
Does ChatGPT/OpenAI access my database when I use DataTalk?
No. When you ask a question, DataTalk prepares a prompt consisting of your question and the simplified schema of the database. The prompt doesn't include any data from your database. ChatGPT doesn't have access to your database or the data stored in it. For more detailed info, please click the Data safety button in the plugin's interface.
Which users of my app can access the DataTalk plugin?
Only the admin users can access the DataTalk plugin. This is because the SQL queries returned by ChatGPT can't be modified to limit the results to a specific user. You can, however, export the results to CSV and then share the CSV file with other users of your app.
Some questions result in an SQL error similar to "An error occured while processing your question. Unknown column in field list". How can I fix that?
ChatGPT tries to understand your question and return an SQL query to fetch the data you're looking for. Sometimes, the query it returns is not valid, mainly due to ChatGPT "hallucinating" field names that don't exist in your tables. See the screenshot below for an example. An error occured while processing your question. Unknown column in field list. One way of fixing such errors is to modify your question to include a hint about which tables to use for answering the question. Here is an example hint for the above question that fixes the error: Use table hints to fix ChatGPT SQL errors.
If a new version of AppGini is released, do I need to update this plugin as well?
Usually not. However, if an update is needed we'll issue it free-of-charge.
I already have another plugin installed. Is it safe to install this plugin to the same app into the same plugins folder?
Yes. AppGini plugins share a common set of files that ship with all plugins and are safe to overwrite. Plugin-specific files are installed into a separate subfolder under the plugins folder. So, it's safe to extract this plugin to the plugins folder, overwriting existing files. Both plugins will continue to work fine.
If you make a new version of this plugin, do I have to pay to upgrade?
No. All AppGini plugins come with free life-time updates.
I have several AppGini applications. Do I have to buy a separate license of this plugin for each?
No. When you buy any AppGini plugin, you can install it to all of your AppGini applications. However, just like AppGini, if you are a team of users who use AppGini as part of your development toolset, each user should have a separate license.
Does the DataTalk plugin add any code to hook files?
No. The DataTalk plugin runs only from the plugins/datatalk folder. It does not add any code to hook files.
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What's new?

Latest version: 1.3, released on Dec 13, 2023
  • DataTalk 1.3, Dec 13, 2023
    • Fix PHP 8.x warnings.
  • DataTalk 1.2, Jul 28, 2023
    • Upgrade model to chatgpt-3.5-turbo (the model used in previous versions, davinci, is deprecated and 10 times as expensive).
    • Increase accuracy through a better prompt.
    • Better security by separating prompt to system and user roles.
  • DataTalk 1.1, Jun 10, 2023
    • Preserve history panel expansion status.
    • Better error handling in case of expired API key.
  • DataTalk 1.0, Apr 25, 2023
    • First release!