Messages Plugin for AppGini

Messages plugin for AppGini

Messages plugin for AppGini
License: Commercial, per-user
Compatible with any PC/server that can run PHP

Messages plugin allows your AppGini app users to easily and securely communicate without leaving the app, and without having to exchange emails/contact info. This is done through an intuitive webmail-like interface, except it doesn't have the annoying distractions of email ads and spam. And you have full control over which users/groups are allowed to communicate together.

Users get notified instantly inside the app when they have new messages

They get a visual hint on the top of each page when they have unread messages, plus a short subtle audio notification when a new message arrives. You can also optionally enable email notifications to make sure they don't miss out!
Message notification badge on top of page
Recipients auto-complete drop-down allowing selection of users, groups, or everyone

Send messages to one or more users, an entire group, or to all users

Specifying message recipients is a breeze. Users don't have to remember contacts as they can just select or search for them in an auto-complete box. And if allowed, they can send a message to an entire group or to all application users.

Compose richly formatted messages using markdown

Messages plugin supports markdown, allowing users to compose richly formatted messages with ease. They can use markdown to format text, add images, links, and even embed videos. Messages are sanitized to prevent XSS attacks and other security issues. So, you can be sure that your users are safe.
Edit communication rules for every user group

Securely control which users can communicate with each other

The Messages plugin allows you to set granular rules for how users can communicate. For example, you can specify that only managers can send messages to board members, board members can send global messages, ...etc.

Fast, intuitive and super easy webmail-like interface

Users don't have to learn anything new to start using the Messages plugin. This is because we made sure when designing the UI that it resembles communication tools they are already used to working with. It'd feel just natural to view incoming messages, reply to them, forward them, and view messages in threads.
Message threads are easy to follow
Developers guide, with clear code examples

Programmable message functions

The Messages plugin is programmable too! You can automate communications to handle specific events/actions. For example, you can send an automated message to shippers when an order is packaged ready for dispatching. Or you can let users share and discuss records via messages. The developers' guide includes clear code examples that you can easily modify to fit your own workflow.

See messaging stats and usage patterns

Application admins can view top users activity stats to better understand how users communicate. This provides bird's eye view visibility, allowing you to set the right communication rules for improving your users experience and facilitating more effective conversations.
Message stats and top users

How to install and configure the Messages plugin

Frequently asked questions

Which version of AppGini is required for running messages plugin?
The latest version of AppGini is generally recommended when running AppGini plugins, but AppGini 5.98 or above is required.
If a new version of AppGini is released, do I need to update this plugin as well?
Usually not. However, if a plugin update is needed we'll issue it free-of-charge.
I already have another plugin installed. Is it safe to install this plugin to the same app into the same plugins folder?
Yes. AppGini plugins share a common set of files that ship with all plugins and are safe to overwrite. Plugin-specific files are installed into a separate subfolder under the plugins folder. So, it's safe to extract this plugin to the plugins folder, overwriting existing files. Both plugins will continue to work fine.
If you make a new version of this plugin, do I have to pay to upgrade?
No. All AppGini plugins come with free life-time updates.
I have several AppGini applications. Do I have to buy a separate license of this plugin for each?
No. When you buy any AppGini plugin, you can install it to all of your AppGini applications. However, just like AppGini, if you are a team of users who use AppGini as part of your development toolset, each user should have a separate license.
Does the Messages plugin add any code to hook files?
Yes, Messages plugin will insert a single line of code into hooks/header-extras.php. The purpose of this line is to display the messages notification icon on top of the pages of your application.
How do I backup messages and restore them later?
You can use the database backup tool under the Utilities menu in the admin area to back up or restore your application database, which includes the messages tables as part of it.
I have a question not addressed here ... how can I contact you?

What's new?

Latest version: 1.5, released on Feb 8, 2024
  • Messages 1.5, Feb 8, 2024
    • Add support for rendering sanitized markdown when composing messages, with ability to preview.
    • Add option to show table menus in inbox page (enable from settings).
    • Refactor message forwarding to use markdown.
      Format forwarded message using markdown
    • Fix position of message alert.
    • Update messaging permissions labels for clarity.
    • Add explanation message in group permissions table in settings page if no groups are found.
    • Fix unread count url.
    • Add MessagesDB::dbInstalled() to check if db is installed, and perform a check in inbox page.
    • Fix bug in stats page.
    • Move js and css to dedicated dirs.
    • Fix lang error on loading of threads.
    • Fix bug preventing display of groups in recipients list when sending messages.
    • Fix display of 'ALL' in 'Allowed recipient groups' in settings.
    • Fix mobile counter badge.
  • Messages 1.4, Dec 13, 2023
    • Fix PHP 8.x warnings.
  • Messages 1.3, May 27, 2023
    • Fix bug in MessagesDB::canSend() causing 'Invalid recipient' error.
    • Fix modal backdrop issue in settings.
    • Fix request to get unread messages count.
  • Messages 1.2, Jul 14, 2022
    • Add option to customize the format of the recipients list when composing a new message.
    • Support for plugin_messages_listAllowedRecipients($type, $defaultRecipients) hook (can be defined in hooks/__global.php) to filter the recipients list (see the developers guide inside the plugin for full details).
  • Messages 1.1, Apr 25, 2022
    • Support for new profile menu added in AppGini 22.13 and above.
    • New option to open the inbox in a separate page when clicking the icon.
    • During install, if the step for installing messages icon into header-extras.php fails, specify the line that should be added on screen so user can manually add it.
    • Bug fix while creating plugins/projects path.
    • Update messages icon.
  • Messages 1.0, Mar 17, 2022
    • First release :)