MySQL2AppGini: Work with your existing MySQL/MariaDB database in AppGini

If you already have one or more existing MySQL (or MariaDB) databases, you can easily work with them in AppGini. Start AppGini normally, and when you see the How do you want to begin your work? dialog, shown below, select Import an existing MySQL database and click OK.

If you don't see the above dialog after AppGini launches, it means you have disabled it previously. In this case, you can still work with an existing MySQL/MariaDB database by opening the File menu > Import > MySQL database, as shown below.

Both of the methods above would open a utility that comes with AppGini for the purpose of importing a MySQL database into an AppGini project file. This utility is called MySQL2AppGini. MySQL2AppGini allows you to connect to your MySQL/MariaDB server, select the database to work with, select the tables to import, and finally save the imported tables as an AppGini project file that can be opened in AppGini.

Just type in the server name or IP of your MySQL server, the MySQL username and password, then click Connect. After successful connection, choose a database from the drop down, or manually type its name, then click the Next button, and follow the remaining steps.

Enabling remote connections to MySQL

If your MySQL server is not on the same machine where MySQL2AppGini is running, the odds are the connection would fail because MySQL is not configured to accept remote connections.

This issue is easy to fix. Just add your computer's IP address to the list of allowed hosts of your MySQL server. This can be done from your hosting control panel. For example, if you're using CPanel, log into your CPanel account, and click on Remote MySQL under the Databases section, as shown below.

In the next page, enter your IP address in the text box, and click on Add Host, as shown below.

After doing this, you can now connect to your MySQL database using MySQL2AppGini. After importing the database, go back to the Remote MySQL page and remove your IP address from the hosts list for added security.

TIP: If you don't know what is your computer's IP address, you can obtain it from or many other similar sites.