Get more Bootstrap themes

Bootstrap is a responsive CSS framework that can create neat web page layouts that look good on any device. As of AppGini 5.20, the generated applications use Bootstrap 3 for laying out pages. This means you can easily customize the look of your application using one of the many themes that come built-in (we use the standard Bootstrap theme + 11 others provided courtesy of Bootswatch), or downloading themes made by others -- there are thousands of themes available online, both free and commercial.

Premium Bootstrap themes

There are many commercial bootstrap themes that can revolutionize your application look and feel for very reasonable prices starting from $4, available for purchase from WrapBootstrap.

Please note that AppGini supports only the standard bootstrap elements. If the premium theme includes extra components, like charts, side navigation, etc.. you'd need to write additional code to make use of them. Here are some samples:

Metro Mania
Awesome Admin
Its Beta
More templates from WrapBootstrap

Free Bootstrap resources

  • The official Bootstrap customizer allows you to configure and fine-tune every aspect of the theme before downloading it -- if you're familiar with CSS and LESS, this is the most detailed configuration tool you can find.
  • Lavish: Generate your own Bootstrap color scheme from an image and customize to your taste.
  • Bootsnipp: A comprehensive list of Bootstrap resources.