Mass Update plugin for AppGini

Mass Update plugin for AppGini

Mass Update plugin for AppGini
License: Commercial, per-user
Compatible with any PC/server that can run PHP

Mass update plugin makes it very easy to apply a change to multiple records at once. Update order statuses, invoice payments, task priorities, ... you name it. Save your valuable time and boost your daily workflow efficiency.

Add as many batch commands as you wish, with easily recognizable icons
Mass Update plugin allows you to create any number of commands for any tables in your AppGini application. And to help quickly identify various commands, you can choose a separate icon for each command among more than 260 beautiful ones.

Full control over who can access each command
Only accountants can mark transactions as reconciled, only managers and supervisors can approve employee leave requests, ... Mass Update plugin makes it easy to specify which group(s) can access each command.

Instantly add, edit, and remove commands
Feel free to experiment with batch commands. Mass Update plugin gives you full flexibility to add, edit and delete commands, and to instantly apply the changes to your AppGini application.

Update a field with a fixed value, or allow users to specify
You can configure batch commands to change the field value to a fixed predetermined one, or to a value that the user can manually specify. This provides a fine balance between speed (instantly change fields with a single click), and control (allow users to specify the exact new value in just one extra step).

Smart handling of various field types
Batch commands that change date fields display date pickups to users. Those that change time fields display time pickups. Commands that change checkbox fields allow users to check, uncheck or toggle fields. Lookup and option list fields display auto-complete drop-downs for users to quickly and accurately select new values.


To install the plugin, sign in to your AppGini app as admin, go to the Admin area > Plugins menu > Install a plugin. Follow the steps from there. Here is a short video to walk you through the process:

Using the Mass Update plugin to add a batch command

Frequently asked questions

Which version of AppGini is required for running Mass Update plugin?
The latest version of AppGini is generally recommended when running AppGini plugins, but AppGini 5.98 or above is required.
If a new version of AppGini is released, do I need to update this plugin as well?
Usually not. However, if an update is needed we'll issue it free-of-charge.
I already have another plugin installed. Is it safe to install this plugin to the same app into the same plugins folder?
Yes. AppGini plugins share a common set of files that ship with all plugins and are safe to overwrite. Plugin-specific files are installed into a separate sub-folder under the plugins folder. So, it's safe to extract this plugin to the plugins folder, overwriting existing files. Both plugins will continue to work fine.
If you make a new version of this plugin, do I have to pay to upgrade?
No. All AppGini plugins come with free life-time updates.
I have several AppGini applications. Do I have to buy a separate license of this plugin for each?
No. When you buy any AppGini plugin, you can install it to all of your AppGini applications. However, just like AppGini, if you are a team of users who use AppGini as part of your development tool set, each user should have a separate license.
I noticed that Mass Update plugin can automatically configure hooks. If I have customized hooks in a project, will the plugin overwrite them?
No, Mass Update plugin will just insert its code into the beginning of the tablename_batch_actions hook function, with comments marking the start and end of the inserted plugin code, and instructions on how to merge your own code. It won't replace your existing custom code, but we highly recommend that you revise the code, read the generated instructions, and apply any advised changes.

The plugin will also append code to tablename-tv.js hook file and to footer-extras.php. Again, this won't overwrite your existing code. And the plugin code will have comments marking its start and end so you can easily recognize it.

We highly recommend that you use Git to manage customized code in your applications.
I created some batch commands for an app but now I want to remove them all. How do I "uninstall" all batch commands from my app?
If you want to delete all code generated by Mass Update plugin from your app, open the hooks folder of that app and delete all files beginning with ajax-mass-update. Next, open the files tablename.php, tablename-tv.js, and footer-extras.php and delete the Mass Update code from them. You can easily recognize this code as it all has a comment marking the start of it, and another comment marking its end.

We highly recommend that you use Git to manage customized code in your applications.
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What's new?

Latest version: 1.8, released on Feb 22, 2024
  • Mass update 1.8, Feb 22, 2024
    • Prevent the browser reload warning when updating the page after running a batch command.
    • Add option to trigger update hooks in the command editor. This is useful if you have custom code in the tablename_before_update or tablename_after_update hooks that you want to run when a batch command is executed.
      Note: Don't use this option with hidden fields; the batch command will not be executed if the field is hidden.
    • Add a clarification in the hint for fixed value commands when applied to lookup fields.
  • Mass update 1.7, Dec 13, 2023
    • Fix PHP 8.x warnings.
  • Mass update 1.6, May 4, 2022
    • Compatibility with AppGini 22.13.
    • Fix issues with creating 'projects' folder under some scenarios.
  • Mass update 1.5, Oct 31, 2021
    • Fix errors with contents of dropdowns for radio lookups.
    • Fix bug where non-existing field caused errors in navigating tables.
    • Fix compatibility issues with PHP 8, 8.1
  • Mass update 1.4, Jan 19, 2021
    • Compatibility with apps created by AppGini 5.93.
  • Mass update 1.3, Dec 2, 2020
    • Add plugin version checker/notifier
    • Show a default table icon if set one not found in project viewer.
    • Fix buggy UI behavior when pressing Home/End multiple times in project viewer.
  • Mass update 1.2, Nov 9, 2020
    • Replace (rather than skip) mass update code in footer-extras.php.
    • Fix warning occurring in some scenarios 'Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable'.
    • Fix bug with mass updating option list fields.
    • Fix: js error when trying to apply a mass update command directly after saving a record.
    • Load latest version of jQuery.
    • Fix issues with non-Latin characters in data.
    • Bug fix when opening a project containing tables with a single field.
  • Mass update 1.1, Mar 28, 2020
    • Fixed issue with mass update commands that are available to all groups.
    • Improved plugin UI.
    • Allow downloading and deleting of uploaded project files.
  • Mass update 1.0, June 12, 2019
    • First release!