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Limiting user input to pre-defined options in AppGini

Some data fields in your application might allow users to select among only a limited set of options. We can set up fields this way using "option lists" ... Let's see how AppGini makes this possible in a few simple steps.

Video tour: Changing your application theme

In this screencast, we'll learn how to change the application theme. As of AppGini 5.20, you can choose a Bootstrap 3 based theme for your generated application. AppGini comes with 12 themes. All of them are responsive, meaning that they automatically look great on any screen size.

Video tour: Adding a file upload field

This is a screencast that will show you how to create fields to upload documents (or other files) in your AppGini application.

Modifying the SQL query of the table view using hooks

Sometimes, you need to change the data format of one or more fields in the table view. To do so, you need to edit the SQL query used to display the table view. However, you won't find this query if you search your AppGini application code! Instead, this query is constructed from an associative array coded into the generated "tablename_view.php" file (where tablename is the name of the concerned table).

Cascading drop downs (or filtering contents of a drop down when selecting a value from another drop down)

Cascading drop-downs link two listings to each other so that selecting a value from the first list, automatically filters the data in the second one.

RUView -- Resource Utilization Viewer

This application is shared on GitHub. Feel free to fork, enhance or just watch!

Applying a default filter on a table

In many scenarios, you may find it useful to apply an initial filter on one or more of your application tables. This is very easy to achieve using the tablename_init hook. The idea is to check whether your table has any filters applied to it, and if none is applied, apply the default filter. This way, your application users will see a pre-filtered list of records, and they can then change the filter(s) later.

Auto-complete lookup fields

Does your lookup drop down look huge and take decades to load? Don't panic! When the source (parent) table of a lookup field contains thousands of records, you should use auto-complete lookups to avoid heavy pages and make it easier for users to select an item from the lookup field. Learn how through this video tutorial.

Video tour: Lookup fields and master/detail pages

Lookup fields (also called foreign keys) allow you to include data from a field in another field. For example, if you have a table that show a listing of books, and another table listing book categories, you can create a lookup field in the books table that lists the categories stored in the categories table. Lookups are a very powerful tool for data integrity and creating one-to-many relationships. Watch the video and learn how AppGini makes this very easy.

Integrate PayPal links into your AppGini application

This tutorial will show you how to place paypal links into a table view generated by AppGini. Let's say that we have a table listing items for sale, like this one below.

We'll make some simple modifications so that it becomes like this:
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