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I see an error or a blank page in my AppGini app - how to troubleshoot?

First of all: Have you made a customization to your AppGini app, either through hooks , or by directly editing some of the generated files outside hooks? If yes:

  1. Open your AXP project file in AppGini.
  2. Generate the app to a new empty folder . This would create a clean app, without any customizations.
  3. Run your new app in your browser, trying to reproduce the error. If the error doesn't occur, then we know there is something wrong in the customization you've made.
  4. You can either undo the customization, or if you want to debug it further, keep reading below for steps to discover the error and debug it.

The steps below are helpful to find the exact cause of the error, whether it's in your customized code, or in the generated code of your app.

  • Please press F12 to open the browser's inspector, then click on the 'Console' tab. Is there any error reported there?

    Inspector console tab showing an example error for an AppGini

  • If not, and if you are able to access the admin area:

    • Go to the Utilities menu > View/Rebuild fields and perform the suggested fixes, if any.

      View/Rebuild fields page showing a fix

    • If no issues reported in View/Rebuild fields page, go to Utilities menu again > Query logs . Are there any errors reported? If yes and any of the following applies:

      • You've made a customization to the generated code, or
      • you have calculated fields in your application, or
      • you have one or more custom SQL queries for lookup fields,

      if so, try revising your code to make sure the SQL queries are valid. You can use the 'Interactive SQL queries tool' under the Utilties menu to test your query. Or you can use 3rd party tools like phpMyAdmin.

      Query logs page showing example SQL

  • If you found no SQL errors, open your server error_log file and check to see if any errors related to your AppGini app are reported in it.

    • The location of that file varies based on your web server software and your OS. You should consult your web server documentation to learn where to find the error log file. For example, for Apache on linux, that file is typically at /var/log/apache2/error.log (but that might vary based on your environment configuration).

    If you find one or more errors reported in the error log file, and you've made a customization to the generated code, try to revise your code and fix any syntax errors.

  • If none of the above applies to your AppGini application, please send us your AXP project file along with any error messages, screenshots and/or any other details about the error and how to reproduce it. You can send these via the contact form at